CleanTech Automated hand & Glove Washing Systems


MERITECH Handwashing Systems


CleanTech systems are placed in pre-gown, gown, and process areas to remove harmful contamination from hands & groves. Clinically tested and proven to remove up to 95% of particles (0.3 micron and larger) and 70% of sodium chloride, CleanTeach systems are the perferred choice throughout the microelectronics arena.


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        Model 300s             Model 400s          Model 500s      Model 2000s


MODEL 300s

Compliance Monitor - provides cycle counter so the handwashing frequency can be easily verified for your SSOP, HACCP and GMP programs.
Check Solutions LED - indicates when handwash solution reservoir is empty.
Clogged Drain - water will not be sprayed from cylinders if the water drain is clogged.
Cylinder Rotation Limit - the cylinders will easily stop rotation of an object impedes their rotation.
Standard Electrical and Plumbing Connections - CleanTech systems rely on the same hot and cold water supplies and water drain as required with a standard handwash sink, with the addition of an electrical outlet.  Water inlets should be 3/8 inch or larger, 40 p.s.i. and 4 g.p.m minimum.  The system draws less than 3 amps of electricity at 110 VAC.


MODEL 500s

Additional functions compared with Model 300s:

Stainless Steel, Water-Resistant - it can be installed in wet, cold environments where sanitation is performed.  This system is fully gasketed and uses water-resistant componentry inside and out (NEMA 4X and 6 rated).


MODEL 2000s

Additional functions compared with Model 500s:

Self-Clean Monitor - Indicates Self-Clean flow; Self-clean cycle initiates every 24 hours unless programmed differently.  It can be used for 1) Footbath sanitizing stations, or 2) Endstage sanitizing where sanitizer is applied after the system rinse.


MODEL 4000s

Different functions with Model 2000s

Self-Clean Monitor - If Self-Clean capability is ordered, the monitor indicates Self-Clean flow.  Self-Clean is used in the CleanTech 4000s system as a hard surface disinfectant to eliminate any bacteria colonization in the system and facility drain attached to the system.



Proven to remove contaminants from bare and gloved hands.
Standardizes contaminant removal from hands and gloves; consistency is as critical as effectiveness.
Reduces glove costs by eliminating double gloving and increasing glove life.
An innovative method of hand and glove cleaning. Impress your customers with a bank of CleanTech systems at the entrance to your cleanroom.