Medical Automatic Steam Sterilizer (Korea)

HS-250 Vertical Full-automatic Steam   Sterilizer hanshin250-350.jpg (2935 bytes)BUILT-IN STEAM GENERATOR
  1. It has the built-in cycle program to process the wrapped instruments or textile products and unwrapped instruments as well as the liquids.
  2. The Temperature Controller/Recorder precisely controls the set temperature for sterilization and is recorded in graph. It also serve as the thermometer indicating the present temperature.
  3. It is equipped with the vacuum system consisting of powerful water pump and ejector.  Consequently, it improves the penetration of sterilization agent, drying performance, shortening cycle time, reducing noise and the trouble rate of equipment.
  4. If the door is not locked, the cycle is not started.  The safety device prevents the door from being opened.

hanshintabletop.JPG (3919 bytes)TABLETOP STEAM STERILIZER

By the microprocessor all functions are automated and the sterilization cycles are monitored.  In other words, all phases such as fill, heat, sterilize, vent, dry and completion are automatically proceeded.   If there takes place an abnormal condition, the 6 error messages are given with audible alarm by the self diagnosis function.  In addition the door lock system of the existing screw type has been replaced by the eccentric latching type.



hanshin-idealster.JPG (3865 bytes)IDEAL STEAM STERILIZER

  1. CONTROL SYSTEM with a built-in microprocessor automatically controls all programs including sterilization cycle, digital display, self-diagnosis and printing.

    • On operation, it measures, controls and shows in the digital display a physical quantity.

    • On power failed, the Real Time Clock driven by it's own back-up battery.

    • If power supply is interrupted while in cycle, it maintains the present state by it's own back-up battery.

    • It is of a highly compact type; with one touch of starter the chamber door is locked and then all phases even the door unlocking are automatically performed.

  2. CYCLE PROGRAM   it has the built-in program consisting of 5 kinds of basic cycles and 2 kinds of test cycles which can be changed at the option of users if it is necessary.  It is noteworthy that the liquid cycle is supposed to have a 15-minute cooling time to ensure the safety of sterilization.



Provide convenience and accuracy.  Suitable for clinic, hospital and laboratory use.


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