The structure of this machine is so simple that even unskilled persons can operate it easily.  It is so light and compact that it doesn't take up too much space for installing.


  • As the folding is done by the rotary cylinder developed by TOA, this machine has high-speed operation, without much damaged paper troubles, and noise.  It is also designed to save manpower.  That's why this machine can be called 'perfect'.
  • As we have a variety of attachments, you can change the folding form into many ways.


We can produce special size according to your request.  Four sheets folding is possible by changing attachments. (Special parts)

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PT-1000 TYPE
Wet Tissue Folding Machine

This machine is small in size, but can make a tidy profit. 

This machine makes you survive in the competitive business world today.  It's so easy to operate...

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